Monday, May 7, 2007

The One Stop Blog Shop


I have no idea what is stands for, but OgMog has quickly become a site that I frequent. It was started by some friends of mine who have recently graduated from USC as either film majors or theatre majors. Here's a description about their blog taken straight from their website:

"So you're in your twenties (a 20something), and you've got piss and fire and smarts galore. You're hungry and ambitious. You live in the world, and you know it's just a matter of time before you ARE somebody. But there's a way to go.

OgMog is a blog for you. With it, we aim to bring you information that's helpful, interesting, or amusing; but entirely catered to YOU. The hungry 20something."

This description doesn't really seem to fit the site all too well. It makes it look much more ambitious than it really is because the blog itself is relatively simple. These young writers usually post topics about film, comedy, tv, art, music, design, politics, and the media. Since the writers are mostly based in Los Angeles, they offer a lot of insight into LA life. As a student who was born and raised in LA, with plans on moving back after graduation, I find that section of the blog to be really interesting. They've covered such topics as "Best Mexican Food in L.A.," "Free Concerts in LA!" and "LA 2.0: Cheap WiFi for all of Los Angeles by 2009." Nothing really too crazy, but I find their writings to be pretty keen. They talk about all sorts of stuff, making it easy to access a bunch of tidbit information all in one site, rather than perusing a bunch of different blogs to find the same information; hence the title of this post!

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