Sunday, May 13, 2007


Indymedia: Harvard Hunger Strike
Upon reading the title of this article, I was intrigued because I have a few friends at Harvard and wondered if they were involved in this strike against the wage negotiations going on at their school. A large portion of the student body has been protesting the prolonged discussions of wages for the school's security guards. When I read the article, I was surprised by the fact that the hunger strike consists of only 11 students whom, according to the article, are making an "extreme difference." It goes to show that a handful of people can really affect change with personal sacrifice.

Zapatistas: Refuse to Look Away
This article is a good emotional appeal about the plight that the members of this movement face. In North America, indigenous people are moved around whenever resources are found, their lands are 'developed' without consulting them, they are dispossessed and made refugees of with abandon.

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