Monday, May 21, 2007

game idea

For a social interaction game, I would probably make one that has to do with healthy eating habits and exercise routines. There are so many kids in the world today who are incredibly obese because their parents let them eat whatever they want and don’t make them do anything active. These kids are constantly ridiculed and made fun of for being fat and it undoubtedly affects them in a negative way. Not to mention, obesity can shorten one’s life and cause diabetes. So I want to make a game that teaches about healthy eating that can taste good too. The game might be something like where you get to be a chef and “make” different meals. As you add stuff, nutrition facts like fat, sodium, and sugar will pop up and a little person in the corner will get fatter or skinnier based on those food choices for the meal. There can also be a part where you calculate what your caloric intake should be for your age and activity routine. In terms of exercise, the game might just suggest different fun games to play outside or encourage things like rollerblading, jumping on the trampoline, etc. Hopefully simulating these activites will make kids want to do them in real life because they see how fun they are. This game would be intended for kids in middle school.

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