Monday, May 14, 2007

Electric Light Or


I probably should have guessed from the name of this site that it was about a virus—hepatitis C to be exact. Hard to guess though from the first page, but it goes on to explain it is an experimental site using some Java infectious agent to guide you through the text. Overall, an interesting way to spread the word on something deadly serious.

Essays on New Media

A technical writer’s homepage. He wites Ssays on digital publishing and other things web based. Even has some of his own poetry with hyperlinks to other poems on geocities.

A Garden

This site is brilliant. Short and sweet and simple, but seemingly based around one of the most important relationships of our time—the three-way between man, machine and nature. Since machines are made to replicate nature and work within the boundaries of nature—are they part of nature? I say no. But interesting question. I don’t know, maybe they are.

Glass Houses

I think this link was for an individual photographer but it didn’t work right and went to the main page of the UC Riverside California Museum of Photography. It has some great collections, including one of this Chinese photographer from the 60s I had never heard of—LI Zhensheng.

The Victorian Web

I have used this site before. I forget for what writers, but it is extremely useful for English majors.

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