Friday, May 11, 2007

ELO Nonfiction and Assorted Interesting Articles

ELO Nonfiction Diary:
Anxiety - - The graphic on the first page is just so fitting. To me, that's exactly what anxiety feels like.
Writer's Block - - Confusing, but interesting. Trying to find a reason to the randomness was amusing for a few minutes.
[Con] Artist - - Even more confusing, but I really like how the art is arranged and how the links unlock different sections of the whole work. Guess not all nonfiction has to be a solid block of text. :)
Encounters and Allusions - - Another one of Randy Adams' works - I really like his ideas. Allusions... or illusions?
Imaginary Post Office - - One last Randy Adams work... this one was just pretty cool to browse through and see what all the artists came up with.

Gonzales Embarrassed at Harvard Reunion - - Owned. So why wasn't this in any of my newspapers... or in any of the major news feeds? I will definitely be following this Indy Media site in the future - because so many of these news stories I have never ever seen, and so many of these news stories I wish I had seen.

What exactly is a Zapatista? This site doesn't do a very good job of explaining that... had to go off and do research on my own to find that. Once I did so though, the site provided some very interesting perspectives to a problem I barely even knew existed.

Durban Shack Dwellers:
Wow. Another problem I didn't even know existed... but this pretty much only presents one side of the story (defended ourselves from the police with stones and bricks?). It would be nice to be able to find an unbiased opinion of these events.

The activist newspeak babble is really getting on my nerves here. I don't want to hear about all these new names for old things - I just want to know what this program does and why it's so important to the activist community. Cultural Capital (tm)? What does that mean? Why is it important? And why all the intellectual property and (tm) reminders?

The talks that they gave as "WTO representatives" are simply frightening. Is the world that convinced that free market ideology is so appropriate? Or are people just not paying attention, or trying to be polite? Even when the most ridiculous stunts are pulled, people don't notice anything out of the ordinary. Selective blocking because the WTO supposedly knows what it's doing and should be agreed with?

I'm sort of proud that the only people able to recognize what ridiculousness the WTO "reps" were propounding were college students.

While these experiments are highly effective at illustrating the flaws with society, I did notice one minor area where they could have done their research better: they seem to equate Social Darwinism with the ideas of Charles Darwin - Darwin had nothing to do with Social Darwinism (in fact, he was quite against it) - it was the businessmen in the US (who the YesMen would probably be against) that took Darwin's works and ran the wrong way with it.

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