Monday, May 14, 2007


I want to start out by saying that some of these sites were completely off the wall, I couldn't tell up from down and left from right in terms of navigation or focus of the subject matter.

I went started out on the Beehive Archive.
This site had about 7 items posted within it ranging from a short novella to a scholarly essay to hypertext media akin to poetry. The scholarly article was the most interesting of the the ones I read. Landscapes and HyperBody were "poetry" hypertext. Landscapes offered text and images that were placed on a digital background that was loosely affiliated with the sub-categories they were meant to represent. If you want to be confused check out the Beehive Archive.

Empty Velocity
This was a site that combined poetry and visual elements with hypertext. The site was not set up in a linear fashion. It was cool because it was about an airport and the site had a set up like a spider. What I mean by this is that you could click on all the hypertext and it would take you down only one path which would eventually dead end in some kind of flash operated imagery. The only way to get back to the main page was to click the back button, there was no direct link. The site really did well to incorporate multiple forms of media.

3 Proposals for bottle imps
I had no idea what this title meant so, of course, I had to check it out. This site was awesome!!! It was all animated text and it consisted of stories about different historical figures and it ascribed to each an adjective like envy and creativity and the like. The site itself was well put together and very entertaining to watch. My only complaint would be that at some points the text flashed on and off too quickly for me to read it fully, and since there was no way for me to slow the thing down or stop it I had to watch the video over to catch what I missed. Other than that however it was great.

20 consonant poetry
I did not follow this one. It was a collection of art, poetry, essays and such all loosely tied to the idea of only using each consonant once in a poem until all 20 were used before any one could be repeated. I could not find any poetry on the site that actually accomplished this however. There was a lot of information about what the idea involved but no concrete product. Maybe I just misunderstood the whole thing. Did anyone else look at this site?

Being Human
Another hypertext poetry website, this one is maintained by a group of women. The interesting thing about this site is that it utilized poetry in more than just English. There was poetry in french, Spanish, and German as well. Cool site, simple but interesting.

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