Sunday, May 6, 2007

entry 2

so today i wandered through the blogs that were suggested on the syllabus. i kind of just went in order, so the first one that i looked at was the greek tragedy blog. ok. so as a classics major, i was kind of excited to read a blog that seemed like it would be about greek tragedy. in fact, i'm taking a class on greek tragedy right now. lo and behold, it ended up not being about greek tragedy, and was, in fact, some married woman's blog. i couldn't help but feel a little cheated and betrayed--but then again, i had to remember that on the internet, basically nothing is what it claims to be. anyway, the blog was like a married-life version of sex and the city--she posted insightful questions about being married and how her identity now was as a married woman, while her older friends knew her as herself, without a husband.

the next one was the dooce blog, and it kind of made me wonder how many blogs were just parents venting feelings and frustrations. who reads these blogs? other parents? it didn't really interest me--a college student.

then i looked at the piehole and bellow blogs, which i think were nice complements to each other. the piehole blog was more of a diary, while bellow definitely had a more refined and literary aspect to it. bellow consisted of tiny vignettes. i just think it's cool that these blogs are not just considered diaries of sorts--bellow was an example of something really poetic and beautiful.

i think that i'd like to maintain a blog more like bellow's: i'd want it to be something that mirrored my tasted in literature--not just a diary that recounted the events of my day. i can do that anyway, and besides--i don't think it's very interesting. i would mention important and thought provoking things that happened to me or that i did during the day. the blog that i could not stop reading was the overheard in new york one. i seriously spent an hour going through all of those weird things that people would overhear, and it honestly made me laugh out loud more than once. i ended up sending the link to my roommate, who also enjoyed it. i really think other people should read this, too. it's good for hours of mindless time wasting, and besides, you'll get a chuckle out of it.

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ben said...

I couldn't stop reading the "Overheard in New York" blog, either. Some of those posts were for sure hilarious.

Of course, when you have ears all over a city as big as NYC, it's easy to come up with something so entertaining, right? "Overheard" was definitely one of my favorites, mostly because of the content, but partly because of its structure (if that's the right word): anyone, anywhere (in the city) can post to it. It's the biggest benefit blogs have to offer, in my opinion: bringing together common view/happenings/whatever that everyone experiences. The same people who started "Overheard in NYC" started "Overheard in the Office," which I didn't think was as good, but it appealed to me because it is a nation-wide forum for people to contribute to.

I guess my real thought behind all this is that blogs like "Overheard" are so important for people today because everyone has become geared towards consumption. Good post, though, I liked what you had to say.