Monday, May 21, 2007

Final Prject Proposal

Looking at other posts I saw that other people also wanted to look at Facebook, but in my project I want to focus more on various problems Facebook poses for the users as a result of being so public about our social activities. Looking just at what happened here at Santa Clara with the theme party which became public after multiple pictures of the participants were posted on Facebook, I would want to focus on of this has influenced people to change their profiles or if they feel like their privacy has invaded because they have a right to post their own pictures. Also emerging from this debate is the fact that now anyone can be members on Facebook, not just college and high school students, meaning that anyone (your boss, coach, teacher, potentially your parents) could be checking up on people's social activities through Facebook. Because of this, for my project I would like to examine these risks to our privacy (or if we even have the right to assume that we have privacy on the Internet) and then look at how it influences people to behave as Facebook members. In doing this I would conduct research on the whole Facebook phenomenon, and also observe people's Facebook activities, and also interview people on their opinions on this question and how it has influenced their own behavior.

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