Monday, May 7, 2007

Blog #3

In response to Allie and Emily's talk about the water polo sites, I agree with Emily. I agree with her that some people use the internet as a way to express feelings that they wouldn't be inclined to say in person. I believe that the internet does provide a way to put up walls and not have to put your whole self out there.
I went back to postsecret so I could see the new postcards that were put on on sunday. The one that really stuck out to me said, "Postsecret doesn't help me anymore. I want to die more than ever." This was really shocking and intense, and made me feel scared for the person that sent it in. Post Secret is a way to vent some frustration, but its not necessarily going to take away the pain. This is one of those postcards that makes you understand why there is a link to
After having to do this assignment, I found that I don't mind blogs. I used to think less of them saying that people have nothing better to do than to just sit at their computer and write about their day. In reading blogs, and responses to blogs, it's easy to see that it's not only for the author, but also the readers.

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skwok said...

It kind of makes me wonder, if these people are in need for help but refuse to click the help hotline, then what else is there to do for them? I would think that Post Secret would feel pretty helpless at times.