Monday, May 14, 2007

nonfiction hypertexts

After looking through the hypertext nonfiction section of the Electronic Literature Organization, I chose five of the hypertexts that were particularly interesting to me. The first one was called Abducted ( It wrote all about how many different people who have been “abducted” by aliens had the same experiences and how it seems like aliens are only using humans for reproductive purposes and that sex is not a pleasurable thing to them rather than something that must be done for their species to go on. I just thought this was interesting because I don’t believe in aliens and I found it entertaining to read about these ridiculous stories. The second hypertext I found was called Anxiety ( This hypertext was very strange because it just had pictures of dots and lines and grids and talked about what each one meant. It was written in two different languages, so it may have some cultural meaning that I am unaware of. The third hypertext was called Shades of Cogs ( ). This was also a really strange site that had lots of pictures of quotes and mysterious sayings that didn’t make much sense to me. The fourth hypertext as called Hypertext Gardens ( This one actually made sense to me because it talked about hypertext pages in terms of gardens and how they needed to be organized to make sense to the person who is visiting the page. The last hypertext was called An Ode to Pants ( This hypertext was interesting because what is read on the first page is the end to the story and you click on the links within the writing to get to the other parts.

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