Saturday, May 12, 2007

New Hampshire Independent Media Center

The protesters that were arrested at Sununu’s Manchester office was very interesting. I didn’t believe that people really protested in this way in America. I was in Greece for my study abroad and saw student protest every other day. They seem to have a real impacted on what happen in there nation. This gives me new hope, seeing people really expressing what they believe and making a strong statement. What is disappearing is yet again a government official never can give answers, and yet again people are arrested for voicing their opinion. If we are going to say people are allowed to have free speech then way is it they are punished for it. This is something that needs to change, I believe that is way the internet has become more popular of political use. People can are more free to discuss and voice their opinion without the extreme consequences that one would have outside the internet.

Durban Shack Dwellers' Movement

This was a very interesting site. I have to agree with the person who said you couldn’t tell what the Zapatistas website was about. On this website the opening page tells you who they are and what they are doing. This is again people using their right to voice their opinion, what is amazing about this movement is the mass amount of people involved. They are committed more then their time to their cause they have given their whole life to it. I read about the UnFreedom day which is such powerful statement and a great way to bring awareness in a large scale. People believe being load and in your face is the way to bring awareness but its more the message that will touch someone. Instead of having people shout speeches they all came together to share the day, to share the emotion, and to share the beliefs that they are trying to voice. I believe that this site has a real statement but does it in a non-aggressive way which makes it easier for people to understand and what to learn more.


This was an interest twist to protesting. I don’t really know what to think about this site. There are selling protesting as if it something to be sold. A protester to me is someone who trying to voice their opinion against the corporations and government not using it to there advantage. I understand what this website is trying to do they are trying to make real change because like they say protesting does always bring about change. They want to make a true difference towards change by using the powers that are used to stop them. An interesting twist to the world of protesting, but I guess since we’re living in the technology age protesting doesn’t have to be the red print and cardboard signs anymore.

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