Monday, May 14, 2007

Article Annotations

The Yes Men

I say yes! So I’ve been terribly afraid of my own identity theft for years, too many 20/20 specials I guess, but I think that this is great. The Yes Men’s mission is “Identity Correction” or to expose people, organizations, and institutions for what they really are. The hijinks portion of the site, where I read about Yes Men going in and doing their best to expose the DOW, Bush, the WTO, and others, particularly humored me. The Yes Men did their best to convince the media that the WTO decided to disband and to promote a pro-global warming campaign. Funny stuff.

Maquilla Violence in Mexico

This article dives into a story about a plan by Mexican government officials in conjunction with a maquila magnate to rape and imprison a woman who had exposed some of the haunting practices occurring in maquilladores. The article then takes a broader look into the sweatshop boom in a post-NAFTA Mexico. Its pretty haunting, and makes me once again said about the globalizing economy.

Mother’s Day Vigil for Peace

I think that Indymedia can be really beneficial for a lot of reasons. This article in particular really would only be found on an independent media site. Announcing a peace vigil would seem to threaten a lot of the neutrality that mainstream media sources hope to look like they’re maintaining.

Rise of the Internet’s Police State
Its interesting to step back from time to time and ask myself how much information can really be obtained about me. Reading this article kind of scared me, especially since it debunks Google’s privacy policy as not so private and I use google for email, as my primary search engine, a calendar, and to find the latest Paris Hilton sex tapes. I was surprised by how much information the internet really tracks on me! Ah!

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