Sunday, May 6, 2007

Second Post

As I have been looking through different weblogs this week, I continually find myself going back to the the blog postsecret. I find the secrets that people send in fascinating and to be honest much more interesting that the random thoughts and rants that many of these weblogs publish. I guess though this is why many people are attracted to blogs though because it allows people to have a channel to voice their opinions, release any thoughts on their minds, and in some sense is a form a therapy as you are able to get anything off your chest. Looking back at the question posed on the syllabus, after reading different blogs on the web, I can understand why these are considered to be Internet communities. While one may say that these aren't real communities because people are actually physically interacting with one another, I think that blogs do serve the purpose to allow people to connect and relate to one another on different issues, and in a sense, on some issues let people know that they aren't alone in certain situations. For example, in some blogs I found myself thinking about how I could personally relate to the opinions on certain mundane situations, that in my own mind I just thought it was just me who thought had that opinion.

Also, as I continued to look through various blogs, I decided I would try to find one that would be of interest me. Because I play water polo everyday, I thought I would look for any blogs that might be on that topic. While there weren't too many, I did find one I personally thought this one was interesting because, while it doesn't really have anyone talking about the sport, it actually is more of a photographic history as it posts pictures of national teams and players from all over the world throughout history, showing how the game has changed over time.

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