Monday, May 7, 2007

Blog Articles

(Lauren Clyne Post 2 of 3)

Weblogs: A History and Perspective
This article goes through the history of the blog phenomenon and how it picked up speed. As more and more blogs have surfaced more tutorials have been created and blogging has established a set of standards.

New Kids on the Blog
This article addresses the growth of blogs and how diverse they have become as they have grown. Blogs have been used as means for social commentary, communication, ranting, as personal diaries, and much more. Pretty interesting article.

Random Reality Bites
This article tells the tale of Tom Reynolds, a shy and self-proclaimed bad writer, who has created a large fanbase of blog readers through telling paramedic stories. This article just shows that blogging offers a different venue for social affirmation for those who don't feel as outgoing in real life.

How to Blog
A list of 30 rules of blogging compiled on a blog, by a blogger. This sets up some blogging do's and don'ts, and although this list is clearly influenced by the authors own opinion it offers a good insight to blogging standards.

Blogs, Bandwidth and Banjos
An interesting transcript from a lecture at Blogtalk. The speakers break the blogger image into three main categories: pundits (of religion and politics, blogs surfaced after 9-11), diarists (personal writers), the egoist (desire to become e-famous, see: tila tequila, tom from myspace, etc.). I agree with almost everything said in this article, although I have to disagree to some degree about how much blogs are personally driven and seek to find an audience who wants to read them. A lot of times the diarist and the egoist write because they have an intended audience or want to call attention to their inner workings, and receive praise. Personal Blogging isn't usually a selfless act of putting yourself out there, it seems to me that its a call for attention.

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