Monday, May 28, 2007

Gaming My Way!!!

If I were to create a game to have a social impact it would ideally be one that would address sexism and discrimination in the work place. The hardest part of planning a game of this type is coming up with a concept that would completely address the issue without being too broad and loose it relevance. Also with issues like these that are primarily propagated within individuals it would be had to gauge whether or not the game would actually be having a social impact.
The idea i have so far would be to put the player in the position of a boss of a company who is actively hiring new individuals. The game would consist of having the player choose the individuals on their resumes then move to a face to face interview with the chosen individuals. At this point the object of the game would be to create and foster a positive work place that is also productive. Within the frame work of the office would be other current employees that for whatever reason would have problems with the new hires, be it that they are of a certain race, sex, or sexual orientation. The players goal would be to try to keep the current employees happy and to hire a productive new set of employees. The logistics are difficult to work out but in essence failure to keep moral high, through firing of current employees or side stepping issues of discrimination through some other means would result in loosing the game.
I feel that this game could help, if nothing else, shed some light on the factors that go into workplace discrimination.

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