Friday, May 11, 2007


Life Outtacontext -- something we can relate to

In reading this blog, I enjoyed the language he used and the general attitude he conveyed in his entries. He wrote on several incidences about his commute to work, and they tend to deal with social situations that are common to many people.
For instance, in his entry Mother’s Day: My Gift is a Loaded Question, he talks about how he wants to ask a woman where she got her bag so that he might purchase one for his wife, but she is just out of his cone of silence so that in order to engage with her, he must speak at a level that would be heard by others. He shows his inner contemplations in a potentially awkward situation, something that I can relate to. He eventually resolves that this purse is worth the risk at an uncomfortable encounter.
I spent a solid amount of time reading through the different entries this man “Jeff Gates” made about his life.

My favorite part of the entire site was under the Picks of the Crop entries. Conceptual Hobbies: My Primer was very witty. Jeff describes certain aspects of his life that he makes into a sort of game for his own enjoyment. He tries to be the first to clap at the end of a lecture, discussion, or performance. He claims he’s been doing this for 5 years and has been the first to clap at over 120 events. Another example he had was that he likes to incorporate television advertising slogans into daily conversations. He says that it can be stealthy and finds it fun and exciting to deliver a line without others noticing. I feel that anyone who is capable of entertaining himself to such a degree will probably be very happy in life.

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Outtacontext said...

Andrea, thank you for your kind words. Given the world we live in, think of my "way of life" as a coping mechanism. ;-)