Monday, May 21, 2007

Gaming Diary

The first game I played what 3rd World Famer. In this game you started with 4 people (Your immediate family), and 50 dollars. You then had to choose what to plant, and see if that would bring you more money. After a few rounds, I got my total up to $187 which made me really excited. I then filled my fields with crops to see how much money I would get this time. Unfortunately, a militia came to my farm and took everything I owned. If that wasn't bad enough, my youngest child died because I did not have enough money to pay for medical checkups. This game was a big eye opener to show the struggles of families, and horrible situations that are pressed upon them.
The second game I played was Feed the Monster. This game was for children to learn about nutrition and healthy eating habits. You were able to feed the monster different foods that scrolled across the bottom of your screen. Once you fed your monster, a popup window would give you information on what type of food it was. It would tell you if it is a good choice for snacks, and what vitamins and nutrients that food provides. If you fed the monster a sugary food, it would tell you what a better alternative would have been. This game is very good for introducing young children to healthy eating habits. I believe it is very important since obesity is becoming a huge problem in our society.
Another game I played, was Super Shag Land. I am also happy to see that Andrea played it and enjoyed it as well. I found the game to be hilarious, but like she said "it got the point across."
The last game I played was Oregon Trail. This game took me back to my days as an elementary student trying to get my covered wagon across the river without it breaking. In this game, players get to determine which way they want to travel, buy tools that would be needed on the trip, and design your family. Things that occur during the trip range from snake bites to death. However, this game does not make me think about it more than just being a game.

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