Sunday, May 6, 2007

blog 2

This time around I started by reading two blogs; post secret, mentioned by nori and jackie in there blogs, and random reality bites. I also scanned a few others but these were the ones that I kept reading/looking at. was interesting, because the secrets very so much. Some are very serious like, "After I picked up my daughter's ashes from the funeral home, I ate some of them." Then some are more silly like, "I love one of my dogs but the other annoys the shit out of me." The post cards sent in are very creative, some having pictures that are attached to the words written and other just very random combinations. For example on says, "I want to fuck my husbands dad" written over a picture of salad and beer. While most the cards seem less serious and just a way
to anonymously let secreets out, others seem like a cry for help. One said that " doesn't help any more (I want to die more than ever). While it might help some to see this online, that people are reading what they have to say, they
are not getting any feed back or support from the postcards they send in. does have a help line on it's blog, and this week included a story about a girl who used it, and said it helped save her life. I do not think that all that need help are using it. I think this is a very interesting blog and did not want to stop looking at it.

Random Reality Bites was a little more light hearted. The person who wrote it just gave little thougts and ideas about his life working in an ambulance. He wrote how annoyed he got with some calls, or how others were exciting to be a part of,
the rivalry between ambulance companies,and then about things happening with his
computer or mom. His blog also mentions how he has made many friends through his blog, and now has afacebook, myspace, and livejournal. His blog just seemed interesting and funny. I like that he kept each post short and simple. It was enjoyable to read.

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