Sunday, May 6, 2007

Blog #2

As I continued to read the blogs through the week, the one that I found myself continually going back to read again and again was the Piehole one. The most recent time I looked at it, I was reading the sections called "Boobs and Ass," "Big Dumb Boys," and "Life Lessions." Even though I have looked at these blogs many times, I just can't stop reading them. I find them very entertaining and easy to relate to in my life. I also keep going back to look at the post secret blog. I don't know why it is so intriguing but I guess there is something about some of these disturbing secrets that I want to know. For example, one of them said "After I picked up my daughter's ashes from the funeral, I ate some of them." That is just really messed up to me but I find myself being drawn in my these strange things that people do that are just so unfamiliar to me.

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