Thursday, May 3, 2007

Blog Entry 1

Of all the articles to read, my personal favorite, along with what seems to be the majority opinion, was the How to Blog article. I really enjoyed this article because it was very funny and easy to relate to. My favorites were number 15 (which talked about talking about sex, religion, and politics), number 26 (about being an asswipe), and number 27 (which warns people not to post personal poetry). These are all things that are very prevalent in the blogs that I read in places such as facebook and myspace. These are the articles that, at least for people my age, are the most intriguing to read.

One of the websites that I loved that was given was I particularly liked the links for the blogs called "Dyke Fu" "Why I Love Seattle" and "Girly Girl." These all contained blogs that were very entertaining because the topics are things that my friends and I normally talk about. I also really enjoyed the blog site because it showed peoples' secrets that they have no other way of telling. Everyone likes to know secrets about others and this blog site gives us that satisfaction.

If I were to maintain a weblog, I'd like to make it like the ones in because it gets to talk about all the girly things that I like to talk about with my friends but that would probably be inappropriate to talk about in any other situations.

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