Thursday, May 3, 2007

Blog on Blogs #1

I started my readings this week with New Kids on the Block by Simon
Garfield, I found the excerpts she included very interesting.
My favorites were the one about the college kid looking for a fake
"boyfriend" for her parents visit. It seems like the kind of thing that
only happens in movies. While it might just be made up for the blog it
seemed so real. I also enjoyed her interview with the person that said,
"...the real person isn't of course the same person who writes." This
sentence states why people blog perfectly. It gives them a new sense of
identity. It allows them to be who ever they want to be.
My next reading was How to Blog by Tony Pierce. I found it very comical. When I finished
reading it I discovered I would make the worst blog writer in history.
I would tell my friends I blogged, I wouldn't comment on other peoples,
I would have nothing oringnal to say, and I would forget to write. Not to
mention I am a horrible speller and always forgets to spell check. But
the most important
thing I realized from reading this blog was that you had to write what
was true to you, or something that seemed real to your readers.
I read the blog My Boyfriend is a Twat. It was not what I expected, but
i ended up really enjoying it. Every entry was completely different. I
did not fell like I was just reading a piece of someones story, but
rather just little excerpts of dailyactivity. I thought it was interesting how one day she wrote about a frog. It seemed so simple but yet made sense with her other blogs.

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