Thursday, May 3, 2007

Blog #1

While looking through some of the blogs that are out in there, I found myself back at a familar site. Stephanie Klein's Greek Tragedy is a site that I visited in English 2. This site once again reminded me of how much I enjoyed it a year ago. As I click through the blogs it is obvious that she is not afraid to speak her mind, and let others into her life. This blog is so much like Sex and the City, like Jackie mentioned as well, that I found myself picturing in my head possible future episodes if the show had not ended. This girl is not afraid to let others know what is happening in her life! I love how there's this easy and relaxed feeling about this blog, as i'm sitting in her living room having a "girl chat" session with her.
Anothing blog that I love is PostSecret is a site where viewers can send in postcards reveiling one of their deepest secrets to everyone out there. This site fits in with what Julianne said as blogs being therapeutic. Blogs can help relieve stress and tension that is built up on the inside. Post Secret serves to relieve this stress and tension by sharing (mostly anonymously) a deep secret held by the author. Even though Post Secret can post some funny and lighthearted blogs, a lot of the blogs are serious and intense. These blogs made me feel a somewhat close connection to the authors. Even though I don't know who they are, I feel like I am closer to them because they have opened up their life and shared it with me.
So, in conclusion to my adventures in the blogging world, here are the answers that we were suppose to answer:
If I were to maintain a weblog, I would make it like Stephanie Klein's, because I found it to be very interesting and fun. The blog I just couldn't stop reading was PostSecret. I found it was very interesting becase they were short and all from different authors. It was easy to get through a lot of the postcards in a short amount of time. Since they were so short, it helped to keep my attention. Also, the blog I think others should read is PostSecret. I think this blog is very powerful. I feel that people will be interested in this blog, and possibly want to continue reading it in the future. This site is very popular, and has even been made into two different books.

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lizettefaraji said...

i actually bought the book, Post Secret, on a whim at the campus bookstore. when i sat down to read it, i literally lost track of myself--these people were expressing their deepest fears and thoughts to everyone, and it was so enthralling. you kind of make up the context for the postcard for each page that you flip's like a short story meeting art. the short story part comes in when you find yourself getting so involved in such a brief moment, and the art comes in when you realize the expression and the pain involved in actually creating these postcards/blogs. if you liked the blog, i suggest getting the book (there are actually 2 out now).