Friday, May 4, 2007

Any good blogs out there?

Is blogging an exclusive culture—a community that requires an invitation.? For pure bloggers, blogging is an outlet for free thought and/or a message board of eclectic community ideas. I am a person who considers my self outside of the blogging culture and much more of an observing/consuming person than a contributing type. I know that my lack of blogging is not a reflection of my work ethic and I see my lack of blogging as a lack of attachment to the blogging culture. I read through blogs because I am required to, but I really want to read through a blog because I want to. Therefore I am posed with the conundrum of finding the right blogging community that fits my personality. Because, when you understand blogging in a simplified format, blogging is simply a cyberspace of personality. This leads me to my next string of thoughts…locating a blog is difficult because legitimate blogs are buried in the cyberspace culture and businesses and for profit bloggers are cluttering the internet with worthless diction.

*as I mentioned earlier we do have a quota to fulfill….so more thoughts next time.

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Stuart said...

I think you just wrote a self-fulfilling prophet, Danny! Keep up the good work! You blog with poor diction about people blogging with poor diction; which now makes me know a blogger blogging about a blogger that blogs about poor diction! HA!