Friday, May 4, 2007

Blog #1

The first article that I read was the New Kids on the Blog one,6903,1185061,00.html

I thought that this was a somewhat interesting article. The first thing that I found interesting was that the one blogger, Gomm, along with many others, didnt seem to understand what they were getting into. They all had attracted the attention of one Belle de Jour, whom none of them knew or even wanted to talk to.
I think that this is classic with blogs. I feel that a lot of people get into them and dont really realize what they are getting into. They dont understand or care that there are people out there that you might not want to read everything you are publishing on the internet.
Another thing I found interesting in this article was how quickly bogs are growing. It states "Two weeks ago, the search for 'blog' on Google yielded 28,600,000 results; last Thursday, it was 29,700,000." This is nearly a million blog increase in two weeks. That is amazing to me.

The other article that I read and found funny was the How to Blog article.

I found this article interesting. I was unaware that there was a certain way to go about it. These 30 rules made me think a lot about how much confidence people get when they are blogging and no one really knows who they are. The rule i found most interesting was rule number 3 "dont be afraid to do anything. infact if youre afraid of something, do it. then do it again. and again. " This kind of shows that people get a little extra boost of confidence when they are hidding behind the computer monitor.

Random Reality Bites is the third article that I will be writting about.,14024,1254467,00.html

I feel like this article shows that some people view blogs much like people view television shows. They tune in everyday to get constant updates on the writer. I think this is funny. They fall in love with the writer/character and they want to know what happens to him and what his next adventure is. I think that this is weird because peoples lives are NOT television shows.
I am not a big fan of blogging and i think that people shouldnt be letting there life's out on the internet, privacy is something that i value sometimes and i dont understand why someone would want strangers reading all about there lives. I guess that is why i dont really understand the blog phenomenon.

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