Friday, May 4, 2007

Blog #2

The second blog site I looked into was This blog is different from the other blogs listed in that it is a photoblog. It has no, or few words attached discribing the photo and where it is taken place, but the image is left for your imagination. You can view this image and then form your own ideas, feelings, and emotions from it. It is up to your own imagination. This blog is just the bloggers day-to-day visual experience. This blog has won numerous awards including "Best Photography Blog" from the blogger's choice awards. I really liked this blog because it gives you a chance to see a new image and interpret it however you want.

After viewing the photoblog, I went and viewed "how to blog" by Tony Pierce. Apparently I'm not swearing enough on here since i'm suppose to "cuss like a sailor." I found his blog to be really funny, and true. He was honest about what people want to read, and what they dont want to read about. I truly enjoyed this how to He writes over and over to not be afraid of writing what you are feeling or thinking. "Out yourself, Tell your secrets. You can always delete them later." I thought that this was a good example of being able to present yourself however you want. You can hide the things you don't want others to know, you can "always delete them later" if people don't like what you've said. At the end of his article he wrote "if you're going to blogger make it raymi, she's perfect." I then clicked on raymi to be taken to her site. I read a few pages, and loved it. She was open, honest, and funny. I highly recommend going to raymi's site and seeing what she's posted.

After reading Allie's blog about "Random Reality Bites," I agree with her on the fact that people tune into these blogs somewhat like they would a television show. However, I disagree with her statement that "i think that people shouldnt be letting there life's out on the internet..." Going back to what I mentioned the other night, blogging might be some person's way of venting and connecting with someone. What if a person cannot make connections to other individuals in real life and blogging is the only way that they feel connected to someone. That blog can be their source of support and care that they might need in their life. Therefore, I think that blogging is an important thing. What you say on your blog is your own business; sharing your whole life or only small parts just depends on the person writing.

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