Friday, May 4, 2007

Blogging Entry #2

I checked out the blog that Nori mentioned she liked and found it interesting as well. The postcards that were made were very creative! I don’t think I could ever actually send a postcard though, even if it was anonymous, after all what is the point? Especially, the postcard that was front and center, about masturbating at the workers desk to relieve cramps, who would that possibly be sent to? The postcards varied a great bit, some of the postcards were humorous while others were really intense. Some of them I felt almost uncomfortable reading because I felt as if I was invading their privacy. Why would someone post a postcard/blog with the message “I tried to choke myself with a belt while I was on LSD?” Is that a cry for help, and how does making it anonymous help any matter? I don’t think the postcard was creative at all, in fact it just freaked me out a little bit. That’s not something I want to read about. There were some other more inspirational ones and thank-you type of postcards that I liked much better.

I found the great gender divide interesting and would have originally agreed that there are more women bloggers than men. How strange that there are actually more men than women. I kind of liked what Danny said about this whole counterpower site though, because most people do seem to blog about their personal feelings and thoughts rather than simply for homework. I don’t think I could get into the whole blogging thing on a regular basis though unless it was for a few select people that I wanted to know about my life. Other than that I still am not comfortable with everyone being able to see what I write and think.

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aseppala said...

I also spent some time checking out PostSecret. And while you don’t see the point of submitting your own secrets to this blog, I think I found a justification. Haven’t you ever had a really burning secret that you just needed to get off your chest? Maybe that is how several of these bloggers feel and in submitting an anonymous postcard to PostSecret, they experience a must needed release. I totally agree with you in that some of the postcards were way over the top and disgusting, but for the most past I just found them entertaining.