Saturday, May 5, 2007

If I...

If I were to maintain a weblog, I’d like to make it like something simple, relatively unassuming, and hopefully interesting.

The blog I just couldn’t stop reading was Waiter Rant.

The blog I really think other people should read is Waiter Rant - I know next time how *not* to treat the waiter or waitress when I go to a restaurant. :)

As for blogs that I discovered on my own that I found interesting, I stumbled upon an interesting sort of non-traditional blog called "Stache-a-Thon" ( which seems to be a mustache growing contest (to benefit an educational service for children ages 6-18) with a prize for the "mustache farmer" who can grow the best mustache in a set time frame - and $10,000+ has been donated to 826 Valencia (the charity type thing) already. It's an amusing concept, and I think I might check back in a few times to see if any interesting commentary has been added.


Anderson said...

Hey Josh I went and checked out that moustache blog...... HILLARIOUS!!! Good find. I had no idea that that type of society existed on the web. Good find... Long live the facial farmers!!

Kendal said...

I definitely found the waiter blog also really entertaining but I was most amused by that moustache one....where did you find that? It was hilarious! I love how if you look, you can always find the most random things on the web.